UML Blackboard Learn & Login Guide

Online teaching is worldwide popular and it is highly effective too. Today I will be talking about UMass Lowell University (UML) and a detailed guide on it. Online teaching is always affordable whether it’s UML or any other university. If you are interested to know about UML and its feature, this is the article as per your choice. I will explain about both online and offline teaching.

Features of UMass Lowell University

The UMass Lowell is also known as The University of Massachusetts Lowell. This university is established in 1894 by Joseph Conti at Massachusetts. UMass Lowell is a national university offering a wide range of courses for every individual. This university offers more than 17000 bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees including programs related to engineering, justice, music, science and technology.

This is one of the unique universities in the United States who have undergraduate degrees in plastic engineering, nuclear engineering, sound technology and meteorology. This university was the first to introduce a degree in music.

This college is offering education to their six campuses. UMass Lowell claims that their graduates are earning the highest mid-career salary of alumni comparing to any other public university in New England. This university is offering online and offline education at an affordable price. UMass University serves program for the undergraduate major, graduate program, or online program. This university offers all 100+ major courses to their six colleges.

UMass Lowell focuses on experience while learning for student’s successful career. UMass Lowell is solving the problems of higher expensive education. UMass Lowell students are successful due to their accredited programs. Personal attention including skilled faculty along with hardworking staff is the soul of this university. If you are confused to choose a career, this university is the appropriate place for you.

Employees and business people trust UMass Lowell graduates. There are 40+ master’s program and 30+ doctoral programs which gives a boom to university and students to choose a career path for them. This prestigious university also provides financial aid if needed for any student. Forbes and have said claimed that this university is providing high-quality education to a student which is an excellent investment for students.

UMass Lowell provides best online teaching in the United States.UML blackboard is the platform for students and teachers to build communication between teachers and students. Let’s checkout about UML blackboard login, detailed information about accessing online teaching.

How to login to ON-CAMPUS Blackboard

  • Visit at to access two system of UMass Lowell.
  • After visiting there is an option at the top right as ‘’Go to OCE’’ or ‘’Go to On-Campus.’’
  • All ON-Campus courses don’t require blackboard. If your course is not available or you meet a login error known as ‘’ No Learn account’’ ask your instructor about it.

UMass Lowell University developed an app for students known as Bb mobile app. This app doesn’t provide full access for the online course. Students should use the desktop site to access the online course content.

How to login in Bb mobile app

  • Download the Bb mobile app in your android or ios device.
  • Select ‘’UMass Lowell Day school’’ for On-Campus Blackboard.
  • For OCE courses, log out and select ‘’UMass Lowell Online and Continuing.’’

Online teaching might be a boom for your career. Make sure you read and understand each point about online teaching. I would like to end my article and hope you choose the appropriate option for your career.

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