FTCC Blackboard Learn & Login Guide

Online blackboard teaching is a new trend followed by universities. The United States first introduces online teaching. Many famous universities are adopting the way of online blackboard teaching. Blackboard teaching is different of every university with some unique features. Today I will be discussing Fayetteville technical community college (FTCC) blackboard, which is an emerging university in North Carolina, United States. I will explain all the information regarding this prestigious university and help you by providing a definitive guide.

What is FTCC blackboard?

Fayetteville technical community college is led by John Standridge in the year 1961. FTCC is the fourth largest college in North Carolina, and the largest online college providing online programs in the United States. This college is been providing knowledge to the U.S. Military since 1961.

FTCC is serving 41,000 students per year with more than 250 technical, general education, occupational, and a wide range of online programs. FTCC also serves associate degrees, diplomas and certificates. This college has a chain of three campuses known as Main Campus (Fayetteville, NC), Spring Lake Campus, and Fort Bragg Campus.

This prime college is enhancing its public image of technical and vocational including job training opportunities to graduates. All campuses are well furnished with each and every facility.All colleges are equipped with every facility. FTCC provides both credit and non- credit courses for student’s particular’s goals, whether to start with a new career or transfer to post-graduation.

Free college courses for high school junior or seniors are available in the campus of FTCC for particular students. There are many online facilities are also available such as online form filling, purchase of textbooks and paying fees. FTCC has started to provide all courses in online mode which is too affordable and flexible for both students and instructors.

FTCC have a wide range of courses; there is something for every student. FTCC focuses on quality education for students at an affordable package which doesn’t hit the pocket of middle-class students. FTCC know the requirements of applicants and offer courses in less expenditure. FTCC serves every course according to the student’s flexibility. FTCC has started with a new service known as FTCC blackboard especially for students and instructors.

FTCC blackboard login guide

Let’s read out further about FTCC blackboard login guide with detailed information. Steps to be followed to log in for Blackboard:

  • A User should visit https://faytechcc.blackboard.com/ in their desktop.
  • Click on the option available in the right corner for Blackboard login.
  • You have to provide your username, the first seven characters from your last name, and the first letter from your first name including last four digits from the student’s ID.
  • After entering the username, you have to enter a password which is your birth date in the format as mmddyyy.

FTCC blackboard is a student-friendly online teaching program with one-on-one tutoring, access to the computer with guidance. Classes are available both in morning and evening. Staff and faculty arehelpful with appropriate assistance to students. I hope that all points are understood well and you are not confused about FTCC blackboard.

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