FCPS Blackboard Learn & Login Guide

Blackboard learning is accessible to many universities and institutes. This is not a new thing for students and colleges. Many universities have adopted the method of blackboard learning. Blackboard learning is an official portal launched by Blackboard Inc. This type of learning gives an edge to the universities to improve their quality of education. One such college known as Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has also selected the method of blackboard learning for their students. I will discuss about FCPS and its blackboard features.

FCPS Blackboard Learn:

Details about Fairfax County Public Schools:

Fairfax County Public Schools is a branch of the Fairfax County public schools managed by the government and the city of Fairfax. FCPS is the largest public school in the Virginia. Fairfax was founded in 1870; this is the first college in the Virginia to offer free education for the students. FCPS has now become the tenth largest in the United States.

This school system has a fleet of 1520 buses; it consists of 22 high schools, 96 schools, 23 middle schools, 3 secondary schools including elementary schools. Fairfax currently serves more than 187,000 students in their schools and colleges. Fairfax is one of the renowned universities in the United States with third largest employment in metropolitan area.

The infrastructure of all the school buildings is well furnished. Fairfax focuses on providing quality education without compromising with quantity. The students in Fairfax are mostly from the backward class, and the college is providing affordable education to all the students. Recently this school system took one step further and decided to start blackboard learning.

FCPS Blackboard helps students and instructors to make studies easier and affordable. FCPS has collaborated with Blackboard Inc. to launch virtual learning in the schools. There is also a feature of audio and video chat for students and instructors.

Students can complete their homework online and can also share it with their colleagues. Instructors can view the grades and rankings of students and can upload important notices for students. Blackboard learning also provides virtual classes for the students which results in less face to face meetings. There are only specific courses available for the students, which might be a drawback for blackboard learning.

I will discuss about FCPS blackboardlogin guide including some important tips. I will share a login guide with you which will help you to login into the official port of blackboard

Login guide for FCPS Blackboard

  • Users will be provided with a username and password from the university.
  • Users have to visit the official portal blackboard.com
  • Every userhas to enter their username and password to access blackboard learning.
  • Tap on the ‘’Login’’ option give below to enter in the blackboard account.
  • Once you login, the course which you opted will be prompt on the screen.

It is referred to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox while accessing the Blackboard account. You should clear your browsing history after logging out from the account. I would end my article now, and I hope that the above-mentioned points will be helpful for you.


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