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Best Earphones Under Rs.500 High Bass (in India 2019)

Are you looking for best earphones under 500? Earphones are part of our daily lifestyle, and we all mostly use them to release stress and enjoy latest songs. Every music listener have its own choice, some prefer headphones and Air pods too. But some earphones are handy with excellent audio output.

Basically, earphones should be placed appropriately to enjoy all the latest songs. However mostly prefer headphones because they find earphones uncomfortable for themselves.

Earphones are lightweight and easy to carry during workouts, hiking, cycling etc. Earphones are compatible with fulfilling your music addiction anytime and anywhere.

You’ll never prefer throwing earphones if you still have expensive headphones or Air pods. Even if you are walking or going for a jog, you’ll always prefer earphones to burn calories with some latest songs.

We know that you are into the hunt of finding the best earphones to fulfill your music addiction. Hence we came through number of earphones and their features. You should follow our upcoming guide where you’ll surely appreciate us later.

Buying Guide for Best Earphones Under 500 Rs

  • Canalphones and Earbuds are two different types of earphones. Earbuds are the popular type of earphones which are mostly used during daily activities.
  • Better sound output depends on the rubber tips and functioning of the earphones. Always try different earphones because the shape of ears differs from individual to individual.
  • If you are into physical activities, then opt for Bluetooth earphones which have soft rubber tips to avoid ear swelling. You should prefer earphones with better sound output and noise cancellation feature.
  • If you are a fitness freak, and prefer latest and advanced earphones, then opt for Ear-clip earphones. Such earphones don’t fall during intense workouts and deadlifts. Ear-clipearphones are lightweight, and your ears will not strain during loud music too.
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity is truly important when you prefer earphones for yourself. Such earphones are easy to carry but heavier than regular earphones. You’ll not see audio imbalance in left and right earbuds of wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Factors to consider while purchasing earphones

  • Specifications Music listeners always see the audio quality in their desired earphones. But there are many other certain things which should be kept in mind. Before purchasing check specifications of the earphones, even the technical aspect too. Many listeners prefer buying earphones from online websites, but there are times where every feature of an earphone is not mentioned.
  • Comfort level Every expensive or branded earphone is not fit for your ears. Comfort level depends on your shape of ears and rubber tips of the earphones. Hence you should always try different earphones before purchasing. If the earbuds or quality of rubber is poor then your ears will surely strain and swell too. If your ears are sensitive, then you should always opt for high-quality earphones. You can even choose foam tips earphones which can cost some few extra bucks. Foam tips earphones are specially designed to experience ultimate relaxation.
  • Noise Cancellation There aresound isolating earbuds which are quite useful at a budget-friendly price. As we discussed above too, noise cancellation earphones are easy to carry and don’t allow background noise while playing your favourite songs. Such earphones are truly comfortable and you can even use at nights to enjoy comfortable sleep.
  • PriceYes, the cost matters a lot when you think of purchasing your desired earphones. Branded companies have different types of earphones, but you’ll see the difference in earphones. Purchasing earphones from offline stores is better than e-commerce websites. Subsequently you should always purchase earphones according to your budget. Never fall for the extraordinary design and features, because such specifications are not much effective.

Now, you’ll surely find your desired earphones through our upcoming guide. You should now purchase the perfect and latest earphones for yourself.

List of Best Earphones Under Rs.500

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

BoAt Bass Heads Headphones with Mic

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

Infinity (JBL) Deep Bass Headphones with Mic9

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra deep bass and mic

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

BoAt Bass Heads with HD Sound

Best Earphones Under Rs.500

Philips Upbeat Earphones with Mic

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